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Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 07:21:18 No. 1204

How big my VPS must be for Lynxchan.

Can a 10$ vps works for a fairly for a decent community?
damn sorry for the grammar, I just wrote like a drunk pajeet without even wanting to
oy i know u there
half a gig of ram may be enough depending on the distro you use
1g is enough with little use
dunno what happens if there's many visitors/posters
This. 500mb can be tight if you are running mongo on the same server. 1gb will be perfectly fine for both at the same time. CPU usage is very efficient and shouldn't be an issue before RAM and disk speed.
>>1208 >>1207 Thanks guys for the info.
>>1208 should I get more thab one gb to be safe? also im getting 404 on the overboard page, any idea? thank you
>>1210 Check your RAM usage. I'm pretty sure 1gb will go a long way. And you have to give the overboards uris on the global setting.
>>1211 thx bro ur the best, have a nice day
>>1211 also, how do I change the index browser title "My Chan" to something else? I did not find it :'(
>>1213 Site title on global settings.
>>1214 im a severe baka
>>1207 what could potentially happen if the userbase outgrows the available ram?
>>1228 ur site will crash with no survivors if you run out of ram


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