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Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 18:28:27 No. 1240
Hi. I'm like wondering, is there a way to make the banner clickable ? I think this would be a good feature Stephen. ^__^ Especially if the link can change according to the banner. Useful for interactivity.
Yes. Just put it inside an <a> on the template.
>>1241 good idea, thanks bro
>>1241 although I was more thinking of making it dynamic, as putting as an option when you upload the banner in the banner setting page, so that when you upload a new banner that you can specify the link it would forward to
>>1243 Very impractical. The banner is randomized, but the page is cached for all views. So you can't have this random link and cache the page at the same time.
>>1241 which template
>>1245 Any that displays banners. Board and thread pages expect the banner so it can put the board uri. You can also put an element displaying random global banners anywhere and that's not used, tracked or checked by the engine.
op here, >>1245 is not me desu
>>1247 nobody cares retard
>>1245 you have a rude way of speaking, hence I don't want Stephen to think me the op is you
>>1249 what's rude about asking what to edit cocksucker
>>1245 >>1248 >>1250 your way of speaking is egoist and aggressive, I don't want to be associated with you
>1251 g-d you're such an insufferable cocksucker 1248 wasn't me retard
and you still haven't explained what was rude about >1245 fucking faggot


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