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Tutorial Anonymous 10/14/2019 (Mon) 14:24:17 No. 1222
Can someone make a detailed, foolproof install tutorial for a total brainlet like me? Maybe in video form?
>>1222 I was thinking of making this but haven't gotten to it yet. I can guide you through it one by one if you have an IM chat account of your liking.
>>1223 Yes please! I'm on riot @boanerges:matrix.org
>>1225 >riot Welp, there's a first time for everything I guess.
>>1226 I'm happy to sign up for something else if it suits you
>>1227 I think I've added you. If not, my ID is @helphelper:matrix.org
>>1230 My riot messages are not sending
>>1231 Same, seems like Riot\Matrix is having issues. Wanna try something else? Discord? Tox?
>>1232 your call. I'll have to sign up for either
>>1233 I already have a discord account and you can use it over web. I know it's botnet but meh.
>>1234 i think riot is back up
>>1235 Nope, still can't connect. Let's just do discord.
>>1236 will do whats you user
*helping him rn btw*


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