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Lynxchan is unsafe Retard 02/17/2019 (Sun) 21:49:58 No. 798
Shitty coder of lynx>>> You ALWAYS have an excuse or rude comment for everything that you do wrong but are too stupid to fix. There is a reason that lynxchan did not amount to anything... mostly because you are a fucking idiot. Lynxchan is not secure, has a shitty front end that no one uses, and all the lynxchan boards have no
real website or users. MEWCH was the only good lynxchan board and that failed because of the horrible security flaws. Lynxchan is a joke made to fool stupid people who are not aware of security.
gl making any such site even remotely popular, it's not the engine per se
it failed because the admin is incompetent. no backups and such and others did all the real work.
im pretty sure a cron like job is easy to do in 10 mins for anyone
most people will only learn when something bad happens. until then they will run without backups.
that's their problem, if you're too brainlet for admin don't admin
mongo is a completely separate [big] software


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