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(35.33 KB 500x334 132882657544.jpg)
Congratulations John Doe 10/13/2015 (Tue) 03:56:44 Id:6c4685 No. 5
You're an autist!
And so am i.
Why are you saying this?
Who cares?
(7.06 KB 184x184 1229884341652.jpg)
I care about you, man.
(460.48 KB 975x330 1416981469166.png)
Sorry, but i don't like you at all.
(33.12 KB 666x900 131579115565.png)
Fuck you all and this fucking teenager drama.
(378.26 KB 513x620 aguanaboca.png)
N-Nii-san, what are you doing here?
(63.34 KB 220x345 1362315716194D.png)
Dont call me nii-san. Call me Mitsubishi.
But nii-san, you're not a car.
(20.17 KB 179x187 1355971867445.jpg)
What's exactly happening here?
(39.04 KB 393x508 morrendo de tesão.jpg)
It's not obvious? We are two lovely brothers having a heated discussion.
(44.25 KB 229x231 1441965886617.jpg)
Not John Doe, stop talking to my brother.
He's only mine. You have no right to talk to him, BAKA!
(24.44 KB 216x172 1333731456515.png)
I-It's not like i like your brother or anything. We are just good friends, you know.
(235.37 KB 524x541 Diretor.png)
Oh, my!
I smell love here. Could it be you two fell in love for me?
(14.11 KB 248x251 eita.jpg)
Ehh? There's no way i'd fell for you. Baka!
(11.27 KB 166x166 1390680605568.jpg)
You have finally noticed.
I love you!
B-But, that's forbidden love!
(212.37 KB 628x635 just_kill_me.jpg)
What are you doing, h-he's your brother!
Stop it, he don't like you.
(152.80 KB 500x470 que tal.jpg)
In love and war, there's no thing as "forbidden". As long as we are in love we can do anything. Fuck society and this jealous bitch above.
(53.72 KB 219x301 usando o winrar.png)
You know, i've always liked incest doujins.
(224.72 KB 539x437 somos-dois.png)
Don't do that, Joe. It's wrong.
I-If you want to have sex so bad, t-then you can do me instead.
(149.96 KB 448x769 animus and mangus foverah.png)
(134.05 KB 400x400 1405053837964.jpg)
Hey, hey...
No fight you two.
There's enough of me for the two of you.
Really, nii-san?
I don't care to share you with that bitch. You're a great man, after all. You deserve your harem.
(15.08 KB 300x300 1440220644407.png)
I-I don't want to be part of a harem!
It's me or John. You can only choose one.
(143.40 KB 670x581 eu com oculos rift.jpg)
Oh. Fuck it, then.
I'm going back to my dating sims.
Fuck you, real world. See ya, girls
(46.47 KB 188x220 jojolion facepalm.png)
It's all your fault, you bitch.
I even agreed to share him with you.
Fucking selfish bitch!
(420.89 KB 506x631 rindo da sua cara.png)
Serves you right.
As long he's playing his games and not with a incestuos bitch like you, i'm cool.
Holy shit.
(10.68 KB 480x360 dacheffen.jpg)
(77.70 KB 255x251 1438918440916.png)
WTF just heppened here.
Yo soy argentino.
La puta que te pario.


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