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(174.44 KB 800x800 1565205958471.jpg)
meta thraed Anonymous 08/08/2019 (Thu) 14:21:50 No. 8
We gonna continue were we left off on loli?
I have nothing to say, currently, so yeah.
op here >>2
(51.78 KB 120x120 1519525365716.gif)
(85.24 KB 540x535 D.jpeg)
What boards did you browse anyway? Hadn't his turned into arguments about genetics, I'd almost be sad about that one.
Also waiting to se what's gonna happen to animu streams, if 8ch doesn't come back. I guess there's always the fascist smug loli, if it comes to worst...
Was the meta on smugloli deleted?
It was unpinned. It's most likely still up, just not on the first page(es)
(32.41 KB 371x292 Ds7CxMpW0AAAFVc.jpg)
>board with the most fascistic mods
>turns out to be one of the most successful ones after regrouping
Like potery.
That and it's almost 1200 posts. They've been good to us but I think they want to do their own thing, now. We should be nice back to them and let them. It's not like we don't have other options to talk about this stuff.

I'm going to try to stay hands-off, so if you guys want a megathread for discussing or different topics for different boards, that's going to be up to you. I'm just here to keep the bunker clean.
so any ideas on where to go or what to do?
I say we wait it out in our bunkers and wait till dust settles then see where we go. For once I think 8chan should stay dead since if it comes back it wont be the same in the sense in that it will have more newfags and more glow in the darkies
tbh it would be ideal if it came back for a week or two, so that people could regroup properly, and maybe stay read only for some time.
Funnily enough, we were discussing whether we should set up some bunker chan in /anumu/meta, just before the shooting happened, and before it resulted in any action, 8ch went down.
Long term, I had the idea of several small, focused imageboards that linked to one another in a webring style format, with the different sites choosing who they could associate with. Clearnet federation, in a sense. That way you get the independence of running your board your way along with the independence of being able to not have a /pol/-shaped albatross around your neck. I think that'd be better than the false sense of security Zeronet brings. I know security through obscurity isn't security at all, but they won't go after a bunch of harmless shitposters and weebs. They want /pol/ and Qboomers.

Short-term, find a place to meet up and coordinate, decide whether you want to ask others to host you or use your own site, talk about different software suites to use, stuff like that. Oh, and spread this place to others that are lost if you know any. I'm not attached to this place.
This sounds like the best idea
(60.99 KB 571x540 1555297431229.jpg)
Not a sticky anymore and they are not making a new one since the topic has been exhausted so someone just decided to make this board out of politeness.
Yeah, someone should link this and possibly paste >>2 on endchan, spacechan(maybe?), /v/chan maybe ask others to link it in a sticky, I don't think there's a link on loli, aside from the dying meta thread. Maybe on mlpol, it seemed somewhat active.
(8.99 KB 250x217 CIS.jpg)
>Clearnet federation, in a sense.
More a confederation than a federation given the level of autonomy they'd have.
/v/ knows. I guess someone on Spacechan's emailing Vice about any chans with a significant /pol/ diaspora, so I don't know about them.
They'll find this place soon enough, I'm sure.
Don't fucking post on spacechan,those fags are trying to fuck us over with Vice.
Absolutely keep far from them.
If /pol/ come back I hope we don't get siege and stormfags that shit up the board with nigger ways, say what you want but /pol/ was a mayor contributor and a quality board before being invaded
(262.93 KB 1337x548 000 BITBOARD.jpg)
Careful about posting anything on endchan, someone posted this on vch earlier

>Some asshole on spacechan just gave away endchan and neinchan to a Vice journalist. Only a matter of time before they find their way here, too, if they poke around some.

Also reposting the info about bitmessage/bitboard if anyone's interested
feds really want us to go, no matter, there is still TOR alternatives like nanochan
Map Anon here, just woke up.
Its been known endchan is run by snakes. Also we should keep the existence of lynx known to vch and smugloli only. Any more will bring unwanted attention and attacks because this site still has a /pol/ board. If anyone needs me I'll be around vch.
They hate our guts.
This anon is right.
if push comes to shove we could swallow our pride and go to /mlpol/
I'm not sure how realistic secrit club is, since this is directly linked on the lynxchan repo. Though we certainly don't have to advertise there.
Any siegefagging or skullmasking gets a perma, ironic or not. "Kill your mailman and hail Satan" is how we got into this mess to begin with. I think a good /pol/ is possible with good moderation but they'll have to prove they can behave themselves to post here.

Relax, this place is barely used, and just about every board where you can create your own board has a /pol/. I don't think the /pol/ here is frequented at all.
Endchan and Spacechan already squealed to Vice, so next update im putting them on notice.
chen 2 is still an option
us /pol/acs I mean
Doesn't matter it just takes one to shitpost, screenshot and then email to a msm goon.
Thats where /pol/, so its not very safe if found out.
I don't think it's terribly dangerous, certainly they will not want to direct any more traffic to altchans than they have to.
If that's what you're worried about you might as well go to Reddit because the media's going after every imageboard, including 4chan like that. There's nothing stopping some fag from doing that on any board. Right now let's worry about what we can control, and that's organizing what's left of 8chan so we have somewhere to go in case the site doesn't come back. We need everyone together here.
The problem is that there are some faggots on markchan right now trying to shit on the /a/ bunker because they think they were "kicked out".
If we continue to fight between ourselves we're already finished.
There's nothing stopping them from fabricating evidence anyways. It's not like normalfags would know or care to check an archive to make sure the claims are legitimate. They can say WHATEVER they want about us.
Its just the same bunker war faggots from yesterday, I just dm'ed mark about it
(491.18 KB 720x720 9fc8tehk60a31.png)
I'm sure Mark knows how to handle that sort of shit. Besides, who knows if he's even from /v/?
I have to ask: how can anybody trust zeronet? If this one anon on vch is to be believed nearly half of /v/ is over there. I understand that going p2p seems like a good idea just to avoid clearnet complications altogether but how the fuck can anyone be alright with pizza being on their machine, even for a moment?
I've a feeling it's just one faggot that can't contain his autism. He's sperging right now about how they need to be "destroyed", as if this retarded nigger could even accomplish that. Just ignore it.
He isnt and Mark already knows what they're trying to do.
It was a last minute thing, an Anon from /tg/ came up with a way/ method to browse it fairly unscaved and most people already made it their home.
>an Anon from /tg/ came up with a way/ method to browse it fairly unscaved and most people already made it their home
care to share this method?
meant for
(194.03 KB 1852x855 QTDDTOT_paranoia.png)
It was simply unlisted.
/a/nons do have a tendancy to bitch easily over their board in a state of paranoia (with much of the bitching being obvious derailment/circlejerk by a select few people whilst other things were being discussed and were equally if not worse than the few bad egg refugees), but ultimately they are completely correct that it was their bunker. A shame a few stormfags and /v/ermin couldn't stand the fact that they had to be like Romans and went ahead and shat it up for everybody else who was camping out there.
Though I would have preferred a little bit more of an organised timeframe/delay for when the other campers shoud have escaped/left, the meidos were nice enough to give us what we had and ultimately their hosting did allow for a much better quality of disussion for where to go forward than how (apparently) other bunkers have been going.

Those who seek to change the rules only wish to be righteous when breaking the old rules. If any smugs are reading this, you were great hosts for the very short amount of time we were there, and I hope we kept a decent amount of goodwill.
Sorry I meant /monster/ not /tg/.
I see, thanks for the info. Not sure if I'll actually go through with all that as I don't quite have the money for a good VPN right now and don't trust a free one, but this is useful. God bless /monster/
(877.89 KB 426x240 uk_birb.webm)
Mostly unrelated, but there should be regular /animu/ stream https://cytu.be/r/loleron Friday 21GMT, if you don't act like niggers you're probably welcome. I guess.
(46.20 KB 902x855 1430367355457-1.png)
No one said going darknet was easy.
It wasn't unlisted, just unstickied. It's still in the catalog.
>If any smugs are reading this, you were great hosts for the very short amount of time we were there, and I hope we kept a decent amount of goodwill.
I was pretty pessimistic about other boards getting invited, especially once the first wave of shit-stirring came, but on the whole I think it went reasonably well.
Compared to bitboard tor is more than easy.
I have a feeling this has the potential to be like a Internet version of the Troubles with anons as the IRA as we try to get back at the faggots for unlisting us
Thanks for the tip.
So you know where /animu/ fags are?
That is /a/
Nowhere in particular, as far as I'm aware. There was some discussion during the Tuesday stream, and some were considering the possibility of putting up some chan, eventually, but it seemed that there was more optimism about 8ch possibly coming back, which I'm more sceptical of now. btw the streams are tue/fri/sun, for now anyway.
Crossposting and elaborating from the cakebunker. I've already been on 08, and while I don't consider it unsafe or a honeypot (provided you set it up correctly), the lack of real moderation is a problem to me. As much as people complain about bad moderation, it's no reason to swing too far in the other direction. And it's not just about the cp scare, I'd prefer a board where newfags can actually be banned and their posts deleted for everyone, not just hidden and unseeded by you or the one board owner, even if they're able to ban evade. As such, I'd rather we have a centralized home, even if it is on the darknet (be it tor or i2p). Thoughts?
The real threat of having cp enter my computer turns me off from it. They have a board literally named /cp/ for goodness sake
On another note, do we know where the more niche boards like /christian/ or /fascist/ ended up?
(84.03 KB 1261x430 animu relocation.PNG)
I've gotten a message from /animu/ scans about a possible bunker, but I don't yet know what place he's talking about.
I'm pretty sure by "the bunker" he means smugloli.
I hope so, but I've also heard rumors of there being an /animu/ on zeronet, and i hope they have someplace other than that.
Saw quite a few /christian/s on smug yesterday in the meta thread but I doubt they're getting their own board there. Mapanon lists them as camping out there
(218.85 KB 382x439 1565281538551.png)
I really do want to stay on smug just to keep everyone together.This place barley has any https or tor support. This will be my last post until tor posting is allowed.

Updated Anon Map:

Anon's General Location:
Bunker war faggots trying to derail, ignore and report

Issues with each bunker
Endchan - run by snakes that fucked with 8ch in the past, friends with Cripple. Also the same dumbasses that thought putting /pol/ servers in France and Germany was a good idea. AVOID, WILL REMOVE was snitched to VICE. Any board with its sole location on endchan will be removed
vch - /v/'s bunker. put together with tape and staples at the last moment. The management there advises everyone to use a vpn or TOR
zeronet - made by goobers a year back without much thought put into it but are now forced to use it. A shitton of technical problems due to its unstable peer-to-peer nature. Make sure you have a lot of protection and read any available guides before going darknet.
smugloli - /a/'s place, their house, their rules.
chen2 - sort of like livechan but caters more towards /b/, spam issues
spacechan - AVOID, WILL REMOVE they snitched endchan to VICE. Any board with its sole location on spacechan will be removed
Meguca - Goon shithole, mass spammed in the past, avoid if possible
lynxhub - NO HTTPS YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, limited info but its been used in the past, not enough credibility yet

>Misc. Board Groups - zeronet
>/v/ - vch, zeronet
>/tech/ - zerochan, smugloli, bitboard ?
>/ita/ - zerochan
>/vg/ - IRC, TOX, smugloli
>/k/ - in the woods, Indian Smoke signals, (around 10 on smugloli)
/k/omandos are using a different map, link within thread
>/r9k/ - 4um?, Dead?
>/tv/ - daggermag.com, vch, 4um?, some on smugloli
>/pol/ - mlpol?, chen2, zeronet
>/b/ - 4um
>/cow/ - Kiwi?, alogs.theguntretort, smugloli
>/trapshota/ - alogs.theguntretort
>/christianity/ - smugloli
>/sw/ - diksord , chen2
>/fur/ - IRC
>/agdg/ - chen2, smugloli
>/monarchy/ - some one smugloli
>/u/ - Bunkering with /yuri/
>/2hu/ - smugloli,
>/tower/ - vch, smugloli (1 found)
> /ham/ - radios
>/wrol/ - radios
>/cyber/ - lainchan, arisuchan
>/fringe/ - smugloli, meguca
>/hgg/ +CoCmod - sumgloli, zeronet
>/late/ - smugloli, Diskord

Stably on Smugloli

Camping on Smugloli with no other places (typically in very very low numbers )
>/co/ (5 were found)
>/pone/ (1 found, the rest on diskord)
>/animu/ (bunker somewhere
So apart from 08chan and smug, what other options are out there?
(67.31 KB 956x536 animu.png)
>rumors of there being an /animu/ on zeronet
There is
Smug has its own /8exodus/ board now, with HTTPS support. I'll keep this up as a plan B, but with how poor Lynxchan's software is we're better off there.

*edit* They took it down. In the meantime any ideas for a different site to host this on are appreciated, since people don't like Lynxhub.
Edited last time by 8exodus on 08/08/2019 (Thu) 17:00:05.
The https is not a software problem, this website isn't meant to be used to begin with. From front page:
>Welcome to the live demo of LynxChan. This site is meant to let people explore the engine and experiment it in an actual deploy with all its features enabled.
This also isn't meant to be a long-term board. If this place is active any longer than a week or so then someone fucked up somewhere along the line.
There's a list of other boards running Lynxchan around here. I could poke around and see if there's a dead and active one we could crash on instead if it'd make everyone happy.
Error invalid board
Same, but it worked a few minutes ago
I think it got deleted out of concern over directing everyone to the /a/ bunker, especially with snitching going on.
whoops I cant enter now
uhh guys
I think they took down endchan
see if you can enter
There's an 8exodus on zeronet
I had this error yesterday, and it came back up after a few minutes. Might just be overloaded servers.
But if endchan goes down, that is not a bad thing, it's /intl/ territory.
I do think smugloli is the least bad alternative currently.
But we cant set up anything there without the meidos approval, and the meidos avoid anything non/a/ like the jewish plague. and zeronet is a non option for many anons due to CP and shitty website overall. TOR is too slow for our uses
Does anyone have the /tech/ irc info?
*should not
So, the following are working and have https:
https://ronery.me/ - some russians posted there, but it seems dead - but it works
https://waifuist.pro - is somewhat active and what it says in the tin; not many other boards
https://bbw-chan.nl - obesity fetish, active; some dead-ish boards
https://www.balkanchan.ga/ - looks very very slow; otherwise general chan, only most boards are stillborn
https://indiachan.com / https://pajeet.top - active indian chan
https://ji.ms - has moonrunes and upvotes; probably not a chan anymore
https://libreland.nl/ - active /b/, bunch of other dead boards
https://kohlchan.net/ - quite active /int/, has (advertises) tor address, but unfortunately it's german
https://cutie.garden/ - active, full of photos of little girls
https://mle.party/ - has some recent sporadic russian poniposting

obviously there's smugloli, vch and mlpol
endchan has some recurring issue between with it's database or some shit. Odilitime has a script now that reboots it so the 500 error should never persist for too long, around five to ten minutes.

As far as the /intl/ thing, there hasn't been an active herd-related board there in years.
cough use http://onee.ch/ cough
can i get a quick summary of where everyone went? specifically vg. whats their irc/tox? whats smugloli? googling it only got me some
ed article
https://vilechan.com is now working and has user board creation and auto https.
i miss my mages, my robots, and my comfy vg
vch.moe maybe
>when you remember you havent saved the gondola threads
all those gondolas, gone
archive org has some bages
you have any urls? i remember grabbing the one from /TOK/ and the old one from r9k
whats the current news on 8chan? i heard that theyre gonna open a new site, therefore all the old boards and information is gone


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