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(257.51 KB 820x544 courtyard.jpg)
Anon's general location as of now Anonymous 08/08/2019 (Thu) 14:02:16 No. 2
Splintered Boards
>Misc. Board Groups - zeronet
>/v/ - vch, zeronet
>/tech/ - zerochan, smugloli
>/ita/ - zerochan, endchan
>/vg/ - endchan, IRC, TOX, smugloli
>/k/ - in the woods, Indian Smoke signals, (around 10 on smugloli)
>/r9k/ - endchan, 4um?, Dead?
>/tv/ - daggermag.com, vch, 4um?, some on smugloli
>/pol/ - endchan, mlpol?, chen2, zeronet
>/b/ - spacechan, 4um
>/cow/ - Kiwi?, alogs.theguntretort, smugloli
>/trapshota/ - alogs.theguntretort
>/christianity/ - endchan
>/sw/ - diksord , chen2
>/fur/ - IRC
>/agdg/ - chen2, smugloli
>/monarchy/ - endchan, some one smugloli
>/u/ - Bunkering with /yuri/
>/2hu/ - smugloli, endchan

Stably on Smugloli

Stuck elsewhere with no other places (typically in the very low numbers)
/pol/ is also on neinchan
/b/ is also on libreland
/k/ is also on neinchan and julay world
/v/ is also on spacechan and smugloli
Spacechan trips.
(26.83 KB 354x414 155970612476.jpg)
I miss my niggas from /homosuck/
who this?
might let u in

Spacechan is ran by fags though. They rangeban IP's if you talk about other imageboards, even though they scour the net to spam every imageboard in existance.
All global bans and rangebans have been removed and the moderation policy is more lax now.
except the one/s with visitors
/christianity/ is on christchannel


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