Global Rules I honestly don't like rulecucking (and I am pretty fond of some of the stuff I am about to forbid), but as I said repeated times, the purpose of this site is to allow people to just know the engine and I don't want to deal with bullshit.

I will add more shit if necessary, I will not announce when new rules are in place. If you are concerned you might get b&, check this page everytime you post.
  1. No nothing representing minors in any kind of sexualized way. No shota, no loli, no jb, no /hebe/, no nothing.
  2. No drug dealing of any kind. Posts of "LEL I AM SO HIGH CHECK OUT MY WEED" kind are ok because is not hard to understand it is legal on many countries. HOWEVER if you post anything indicating that you have these where is not legal to have, you will be b& If you want to pose as a dank stoner, don't reveal where you are.
  3. No doxxing.
  4. No threats of any kind to any person.
  5. No leaked material of any kind. If the legal owner of said material didn't made it public, you can't post here.
  6. No spamming unless the board allows it. If the board owner creates a rule "just fuck my shit up" you are allowed to advertise whatever shit you want, as long it is legal and is not advertisement of prostitution. Do not confuse spam with flood. Spam is just commercial advertisement, flood is repeating posting of repeated content.
  7. No flooding.
  8. No piracy. You might link to sites, tell people how to do shit, but files containing pirated material or keys obtained outside the rules of the fucker that created said content are not allowed.
  9. No credit card information.