Q: Is it named after the terminal browser lynx?
A: No, it is named after my alias, Stephen Lynx.

Q: Why does it have catpcha?
A: Board owners can disable captcha. I just put captcha on /lynxchan/ to avoid someone spamming and losing the record of feedback and stuff.

Q: Can it not use mongo?
A: Hardly, the whole engine revolves around mongo and removing mongo would require the engine to be pretty much rewritten.

Q: Does it support ogg?
A: Yes. Ogg, ogv, mp3, mp4, and webms.

Q: Why is it ugly?
A: Because I haven't put much effort on the front-end and the system is modular. Templates are nothing but pure HTML+CSS+JS, so I am counting that other people with more experience in web front-end will produce a better work that people will be able to use.

Q: How hard would be to use the engine to create a more traditional chan without user boards?
A: Very easy, there are settings that can just turn off account creation and board creation by common users and allow only admins and root users to create them. More information can be found on the readme's.

Q: Will you implement X feature?
A: You can check the features on the roadmap at https://trello.com/b/JAN7N3OO/lynxchan. I forget to put stuff there often, so you can either ask on /lynxchan/ or using IRC, I am usually at #lynxchan on rizon.net.

Q: I want to try LynxChan, what do I do?
A: Read both readme's. If you need help, you can drop at the IRC channel.

Q: How hard is to make a translated version of it?
A: Very easy, the engine uses modular language packs and front-ends which requires only a custom JSON file with the new values.

Q: Where is the source code?
A: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan .

Q: Do you take donations?
A: Absolutely not. If you really wish to make a monetary contribution, I suggest you pay for advertisements somewhere, host an instance, rent a server and hand it to me so I don't have to pay for one or hire a front-end developer to make a better front-end.

Q: Why Node.js?
A: Because it is the single most efficient scripted runtime environment for http servers.
Go is also a good option for http servers, IMO, but I believe it is a better fit for systems focused on CPU intensive tasks and there is the compilation overhead.
Also, javascript is one of the closest languages from C from a syntax and philosophy point of view and C is mai waifu.

Q: Why mongodb?
1- It is built to handle large datasets efficiently
2- It is able to store files with metadata.
3- It allows you to expand the amount of servers running the database on the fly.
4- A chan does not need the overhead of relational databases.
5- It makes development faster. Not only you make queries using the application language, but you don't have to deal with mandatory schema validation.
6- It manages it's own memcache.

Q:What is multi-board?
A: Multi-board is a feature that, when enabled, allows the users to see threads for selected boards.
For example: the same way /b/ shows you the front-page of /b/, /b+v/ shows you a number of threads from both /b/ and /v/.