LynxChan, the best engine you will ever shitpost with.

Welcome to the live demo of LynxChan. This site is meant to let people explore the engine and experiment it in an actual deploy with all its features enabled.

Why would I adopt LynxChan?


LynxChan uses Node.js as a runtime environment and Mongodb as a database. It is meant to focus on high levels of concurrency and performance.

The templates used are nothing but pure HTML, reducing development overhead. It also uses a modular approach to templates, allowing for ease of migration. It is possible to change all the templates with a single setting in the server configuration.


I have noticed that many chans struggle with hosting costs. In my opinion, that is a very real obstacle for hosting a chan. So I have developed an engine from scratch that is meant to enable more people to host their chans.

I believe that chans are one of the last kind of sites where people still have freedom of speech in the internet, away from centralized corporative control, so I see the existence of chans as something important for the future of the internet as a whole. Serious business.

This site is not meant to build a community, so any kind of content that might cause issues with my host will be deleted and the user banned, even if I agree with said content.
Sorry for that, but I just want to avoid any issues while I am just trying to let people know about this project.
Maybe in the future I will put myself on the line for freedom of speech like hotwheels did, but not today.


1. Support users not using javascript for the basic functions.
2. Provide every functionality through a json based RPC.
3. Support the most amount of users with the least hardware power.
4. Having a modular front-end so people can easily create and use different templates.

Source code

This project uses the MIT license and respects your 4 software freedoms.
You can get the source code at GitGud . The templates being used here are just placeholders and can be found here .
You can find a roadmap of future and current development at Trello

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